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Hypertensive nephropathy how to diet nursed back to health?

2017-05-20 17:56

Now people in the society for their own body is not of particular importance, so more and more people are suffering the disease, body if nephropathy, hypertensive nephropathy is very serious, is a kind of disease, some patients can appear severe hypertension or renal insufficiency. Genetic, infection may cause hypertension nephropathy, if a friend is really suffering from Hypertension Nephropathy, not only in life to pay attention to, in the diet should pay attention to, so what should pay attention to the diet? How should I diagnose it? Let me tell you something about it.

Hypertensive nephropathy

How to diagnose and distinguish hypertensive nephropathy with hypertensive nephropathy

Steps / methods:

1 there are many factors that cause the disease, probably because of inflammation in the body, or infection, a cold have a fever and so may cause disease, if patients do not feel cold, also is small, and is related to renal disease, if the disease occurs, should be treated according to the doctor's diagnosis.

First steps

There will be 2 hypertensive nephropathy hypertension cases, therefore should be timely check whether hypertension disease, if found to have hypertension disease, should be timely inspection, to ensure early detection and early treatment, for the treatment of the time to go to a regular hospital for examination, medication yourself not blindly.

Second steps

3, in the diet should pay more attention to pay attention to high potassium food and pay attention to potassium rich vegetables and fruits, such as yellow bean sprouts, leeks and so on. It is best not to high-fat, high-fat food. These foods are very harmful to the body, and especially after the production of toxins is not easy to discharge. So pay more attention to it.

Third steps

Matters needing attention:

According to the daily urine output to control the amount of liquid, do not eat instant noodles in the diet, Stinky tofu and so on, to maintain physical and mental pleasure, patients should go to a regular hospital for treatment, do not blindly medication, I wish good health.

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