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How does hypertensive nephrosis pass dietary conditioning?

2017-05-29 10:08

In today's rapidly developing society, the pressure on young people is increasing and the incidence of diseases is increasing gradually. Kidney disease is a more frequent disease in recent years. Hypertensive nephropathy is one of the kidney diseases. Diet is a very important aspect of the recuperation of hypertensive kidney disease.

Diet regulating method for hypertension nephrosis:

First, take the right amount of protein. The diet should take one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Eating fish protein 2-3 times a week can improve the permeability and elasticity of blood vessels, and increase the excretion of urinary sodium in patients with hypertensive nephropathy, so as to achieve the role of lowering blood pressure. If hypertension is associated with renal dysfunction, protein intake should be limited.

Two, hypertensive nephropathy diet should be low sugar diet.

Three, eat more food rich in calcium and potassium. Hypertensive nephropathy in the diet, can eat kelp, lettuce, potatoes, eggplant, sour milk, shrimp, milk. Patients with hypertensive kidney disease should be less meat soup, because broth contains nitrogen extract increases, can promote uric acid in the body to increase, increasing the liver, kidney and heart burden.

Four. Limit your intake of fat. Hypertensive nephropathy diet can eat more fish, fish contain unsaturated fatty acids, can cause the oxidation of cholesterol, thus lowering plasma cholesterol, but also to extend the platelet aggregation, inhibit thrombosis, prevent stroke, linoleic acid also contains more, increasing the flexibility of capillaries to prevent rupture of blood vessels, prevent the complications of hypertension have a certain role.

Five, hypertension kidney disease diet should pay attention to drink low sugar, low salt and limit fat intake.

I hope all the above introduced on the diet of hypertensive nephropathy content to help all the patients with hypertensive nephropathy, although society has been gradually moving towards an aging society, but the incidence of various diseases is also increased, so we must pay attention to their daily diet, disease prevention.

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