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Understand the main points of prevention of hypertensive nephropathy

2017-05-29 10:19

Benign nephrosderosis primary hypertensive nephropathy caused by hypertension (also called hypertensive renal arteriolar sclerosis) and malignant nephrosclerosis with corresponding clinical manifestations of the disease better hypertension and renal failure.

Prevention of hypertensive nephropathy:

I. signal

Chronic high blood pressure causes damage to the small renal vessels, resulting in dysfunction of the renal tubules and increased nocturia. And this is an important signal for hypertensive nephropathy. Once the patient urinate more than two or three times, and even reached five or six times, to quickly go to the hospital to do a urine test, urine albumin can often find abnormal renal function, then prompted to accept treatment has been slightly damaged. Therefore, patients with high blood pressure should pay more attention to their own urine, such as the emergence of urine, blood, foam, urination and other abnormalities, you need to be very vigilant.

Five major symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy"

1. hypertension

Experts point out that, in particular, some unknown causes of hypertension, especially young people, should be timely examination of renal function.

2. anemia

Experts say clinically common anemia symptoms may also be associated with kidney disease. Because kidney disease develops late, the erythropoiesis factor of the kidney is reduced, the destruction of red blood cell is accelerated, cause anaemia easily.

3. bone pain

If an unexplained fracture, or often bone pain, low back pain and joint pain, Department of orthopedics and other examinations, no abnormalities were found, renal function should be checked. Because the kidneys, in addition to our well-known metabolism of toxic substances in the human body, the secretion of erythropoietin in the kidney is also related to bone marrow hematopoiesis and maintain the normal function of bones.

4. foam urine

Experts say the bubbles in the urine of healthy people will disappear in a short time, but the bubbles caused by proteinuria in kidney disease patients will not disappear. Therefore, pay special attention to foam urine.

5. rash

The Jigzhi did not improve skin rash, pruritus, end-stage kidney disease may be entered in the toxin spread the body, stimulate the skin after the performance. Therefore, pay attention to deal with it carefully.

Two, check

The first detection of hypertension, must be a comprehensive examination, especially with diabetes, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia and gout patients, there is no clear kidney damage. Patients with hypertension should also do regular urine test.

If the renal function is checked for the first time and the glomerular filtration rate is not abnormal, routine urinalysis and microalbuminuria can be performed that year. If the glomerular filtration rate changes, it is necessary to shorten the examination frequency according to the situation, such as early can be checked once a year, further deterioration of the need to check once every 3 months, and regularly to the renal internal medicine to monitor renal function.

Three, diet

Salt intake is closely related to blood pressure. In the prevention of hypertensive nephropathy, salt restriction is the most important. In addition, if renal damage has occurred, control of protein intake should be under the guidance of a doctor. Because protein intake is too high, will increase the burden on the kidneys, thereby aggravating kidney damage; if inadequate intake, it will affect the body's nutritional supply.

Prevention of hypertension in patients with kidney disease, high blood pressure patients should eat more high-quality protein and vitamins foods, such as fish, eggs, lean meat, tofu and other bean products. Eat more potassium rich vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, celery, watermelon and so on. Prevention of hypertensive nephropathy.

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