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Prevention of hypertensive renal failure

2017-05-30 09:12

If hypertension is not received in time and proper treatment, it will damage the blood vessels of the kidneys, lead to insufficient blood supply to the kidneys and cause damage to the kidneys. Renal failure occurs when renal function is completely lost.

At this point, the kidneys will not release enough hormones to maintain blood pressure and produce red blood cells and vitamin D. The following symptoms can arise: elevated blood pressure: this can cause severe complications such as stroke, heart disease, and even death. The body does not produce enough red blood cells, which can lead to renal anemia. Because of the lack of calcium, the bones will become weak.

What's more, excess liquid, waste, toxins will accumulate in the body. Accumulation of excessive growth and irreparable damage in the blood. In order to continue life, dialysis or dialysis is needed to replace the kidney.

The early prevention of hypertensive renal failure is very important, and the common preventive measures are as follows:

Aged 40-50 and above, with a history of hypertension for more than 5-10 years. If it is determined to increase in microalbuminuria, be highly vigilant.

Increase of nocturia, albuminuria or transient hematuria, renal function and proteinuria should be examined. 24 hours urine protein quantitative, pay attention to blood pressure, fundus examination.

Keep bowels open.

Avoid exposure to heavy metals, toxic substances and drugs that may damage the kidneys.

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