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What are the early symptoms of a woman's kidney disease?

2017-05-30 10:36

When what is the early symptoms of female nephropathy? Many diseases are now, regardless of age and gender, so we only know about some of the symptoms of these disorders, can contribute more to prevent from this disease, eventually achieve the desired treatment effect, whether the early symptoms of female nephropathy what is it? Or take a look at the experts is how to interpret!

The decline in glomerular filtration rate leads to retention of water and sodium. The loss of protein from urine results in a decrease in plasma colloid osmotic pressure and leads to retention of water;

What are the early symptoms of female kidney disease? Experts point out that the increase of renin secretion leads to the increase of secondary aldosterone secretion, the increase of renal tubular sodium and reabsorption of water, and so on, which is the cause of renal edema. Light person only has weight gain (recessive oedema), the person that weigh can be swollen all over the body, even the abdomen (chest) the cavity is much more fluid.

What the early symptoms of female kidney disease have? Experts pointed out: glomerulonephritis, increased glomerular capillary wall permeability, plasma albumin by membrane filtration, and proteinuria, so glomerulonephritis is the most important characteristic of proteinuria. The tube type is formed by coagulation and precipitation of proteins in the urine, so there should be a tube type in the urine during glomerulonephritis. It should be noted that there is only protein in the urine and there is no tube type, which can not reflect the pathological changes of the glomerulus. Conversely, only the tubular type and no protein do not indicate glomerular lesions. It is only when the urine contains both protein and tube type that the lesion of the glomerulus is indicated.

What are the problems for the early symptoms of female kidney disease expert analysis: kidney by regulating the metabolism of water and sodium, affecting the effective circulating blood volume, and renin, renin angiotensin aldosterone system and hypertension. In chronic glomerulonephritis, the incidence of hypertension was 33.3%, and the incidence of uremia was 84%. Renal anemia is usually caused by the dilution of water retention. In the case of severe glomerular lesions, there is a decrease in erythropoietin and anemia. Anaemia is normal shape normally, anaemia of normal pigment sex.

Thus, for the early symptoms of female nephropathy is what problem, experts to answer them here, because of kidney disease lead to a variety of diseases, so experts suggest that found nephritis must be early treatment, or click on the details of our online expert advice!

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