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Suffer from hypertensive nephrosis how to treat?

2017-06-02 09:27

What medicine to eat to treat hypertensive nephropathy? In early hypertensive nephropathy or by medication for treatment, but experts point out that renal drugs must be accurate, otherwise it will be counterproductive, so for everyone's questions today Xiaobian to introduce what medicine to eat to hypertensive nephropathy!

For hypertensive nephropathy, what kind of medication to eat a good question, experts say, should be based on the actual situation of patients to make a detailed diagnosis, can not blindly take medicine. The treatment of hypertensive nephropathy requires a systematic analysis and treatment. Mild hypertension and normal urine routine can be treated without medication, maintain good mood, lose weight, limit salt, limit alcohol, exercise Qigong and Tai Chi, and exercise appropriately.

What medicine to eat to hypertensive nephropathy available: diuretics, beta blockers, calcium antagonists, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEI), the calcium antagonist, ACEI is more favorable for renal hemodynamics, ACEI urinary protein is superior to other antihypertensive drugs, to effectively control the blood pressure to normal or near normal (18.7/12kpa140/90mmhg) can prevent or delay the stability, the damage of kidney, malignant nephrosclerosis patients with short-term rapid deterioration of renal function, hypertensive encephalopathy in combination, visual acuity decreased rapidly.

Intracranial hemorrhage and oral drugs of hypertensive nephropathy eat what medicine treatment is better? Experts say can be administered intravenously, commonly used sodium nitroprusside, and strive to 12 ~ 24 hours blood pressure control, Loniten can lower blood pressure rapidly, initially for the treatment of malignant hypertension.

What medications should be given to hypertensive nephropathy associated with hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus and hyperuricemia? Should be treated accordingly. At the same time, anti platelet aggregation and adhesion drugs such as Pan Shengding and aspirin may have the effect of preventing renal arteriolar sclerosis.

Conclusion: Hypertension Nephropathy must be timely to the regular hospital for examination and treatment, oh, because only the regular hospital will be more safe, oh, small wish you a speedy recovery, what if you have questions, you can consult our experts or leave your contact.

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