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Can hypertensive nephropathy cause proteinuria?

2017-08-07 14:34

With the gradual increase in hypertensive patients, hypertensive nephropathy has begun to become more common. Many patients with hypertensive nephropathy have been the phenomenon of proteinuria, which makes patients more puzzled. Can hypertensive nephropathy cause proteinuria?

Hypertension patients with proteinuria need a high degree of attention, and high blood pressure proteinuria often reflect the long-term high blood pressure caused by kidney damage, so when hypertension patients with proteinuria, the timely medical examination diagnosis, early treatment. 

Treatment of hypertension nephropathy is important to the choice of treatment methods, only choose a good treatment, in order to effectively control the development of the disease, ease the pain of patients.

The correct treatment can improve renal blood flow in patients with renal disease, improve renal anemia, improve immune function, so that the loss of vitality on the verge of death of the glomerular unit resurrection, so that atrophy of the kidneys increased, and gradually restore the function of urine output, Detoxification detoxification capacity enhancement, lower serum creatinine, urea nitrogen, eliminate urinary protein hematuria and tube type.

Through the above description, hope that patients can effectively treat hypertensive nephropathy. Hypertensive nephropathy is relatively large, the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy is a long process, the patient can not rush for a moment, should be selected on the treatment, adhere to treatment, in order to allow patients to recover soon.

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