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Does high blood pressure cause uremia?

2017-09-05 15:23
For uremic patients, it is important to figure out the cause of the disease. In fact, many uremia are caused by high blood pressure, but many patients have some doubts about this view. The following description of hypertension in the end will not cause uremia.
Hypertension is a disease characterized by increased arterial pressure. Hypertension is closely related to uremia. Hypertension if the control will lead to kidney damage, and even the formation of uremia. The long-term presence of hypertension can directly cause kidney damage, that is, hypertensive nephropathy.
Hypertensive nephropathy in the early usually no obvious symptoms, may only show as nocturia increased, the examination can be found to have mild proteinuria, and uremia is the development of hypertensive nephropathy to the end of the performance. Studies have shown that 15% of hypertensive patients will develop uremia.
Hypertensive nephropathy includes hypertensive benign renal arteriosclerosis and hypertensive malignancy of small arteriosclerosis. Hypertensive benign small arteriosclerosis refers to long-term hypertension leading to renal arteriovenous hyaline, resulting in renal ischemia, hypoxia, to attract inflammatory mediators infiltration, the release of renal cytotoxic cytokines, resulting in kidney damage, Fibrosis lesions; and hypertensive malignant renal arteriosclerosis is due to the rapid development of hypertension caused by renal artery dissection lesions, leading to rapid deterioration of renal function.
Interlobular artery and glomerular sclerosis, fibrosis process is extremely fast, may lead to a short period of time in patients with hypertension uremia. The incidence of hypertensive renal impairment was positively correlated with the severity and duration of hypertension. Other possible factors include smoking, alcoholism, sex, race, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia, which affect each other and further aggravate kidney damage.
In addition, renal insufficiency, the patient's blood pressure is often increased, that is caused by renal hypertension. And blood pressure in turn will damage the kidneys, so that progressive deterioration of renal function. This vicious cycle of hypertension is caused by uremia is one of the important factors. In order to avoid and delay the occurrence of renal insufficiency, blood pressure in patients with hypertension need to control the desired level.

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