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The relationship between nephropathy and hypertension

2017-10-22 17:29

Hypertension should be a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. With the presence of high blood pressure, the body system will be subject to varying degrees of damage. In different human organs, the target organ kidneys will suffer from serious damage. Hypertension and kidney disease interaction, will accelerate the patient's lesions, reduce the quality of life. Hypertension incidence of varying degrees, duration will lead to kidney disease, renal dysfunction. The following specific examples of high blood pressure on the body function and renal function of different damage:

The relationship between nephropathy and hypertension

Hypertension can cause systemic arteriosclerosis, leading to multiple target organ damage, of which the most obvious involvement of the kidney; hypertension arteriosclerosis and renal failure have a clear causal relationship, 15% of hypertension can progress to the end , Renal dysfunction and small arteriosclerosis degree is closely related. It is important to strengthen the prediction of early renal damage in hypertensive patients.

Hypertensive patients due to long-term persistent high blood pressure, resulting in na + / li + anti-transfer activity increased, can cause renal blood flow regulation disorders, resulting in high perfusion of glomerular state, resulting in decreased filtration membrane charge, urinary ma molecular weight Increased content. At this time the emergence of urine molecular weight, can predict the early glomerular lesions, but because the kidney has a strong compensatory capacity, early symptoms of mild kidney disease, patients with blood cr, bun normal, routine examination is difficult to find positive results.

Most patients often found in kidney lesions have reached a considerable degree, when the kidney injury has been irreversible, the treatment effect can be imagined. Urine ma in patients with essential hypertension was significantly higher than normal, urine ma can be used as a diagnostic indicator of early renal injury in patients with hypertension.

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