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Can Hypertensive nephropathy drink milk?

2017-10-22 17:30

Milk is a very familiar drink, it is very nutritious to drink a glass of milk after breakfast. But can patients with hypertensive nephropathy drink milk? The answer is yes.

Can Hypertensive nephropathy drink milk?

Because the milk content high quality protein which is about 80% of the total protein content, not only contains the necessary amino acid type, the number is sufficient, the protein structure is also very close to the human body, and is more conducive to the absorption and utilization of nutrition.

In addition to protein, the other nutrients in milk for kidney patients is also very favorable. Kidney disease in patients with calcium and phosphorus are often the proportion of imbalance, and calcium in the proportion of calcium and phosphorus appropriate to correct this imbalance has a great effect.

Nephrotic patients with less protein intake, so do not limit the intake of calories too much. Milk fat content of about 2% -3.2%, rich in energy, and easy digestion and absorption, suitable for patients with kidney disease, often drink can also make people skin moisturizing, reduce the patient due to disease caused by dry skin, hair yellow and other symptoms The

Milk contains carbohydrates for lactose, regulate gastric acid, promote gastrointestinal and digestive gland secretion, but also promote the absorption of calcium. Milk lactose content is not high, only about 10 grams, so even patients with diabetic nephropathy, you can drink a bag of milk every day, do not add sugar can not cause blood sugar fluctuations

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