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Renal cyst diet

2017-03-04 16:47

Solitary renal cysts, congenital polycystic kidney disease and congenital multiple renal cysts are the classification of renal cysts. Patients with renal cysts usually do not feel any symptoms, with the popularization of B ultrasound technology, through the B ultrasound can clearly find a kidney or a number of cysts. A small number of people can also be a number of cysts, but both sides of the cysts are rare. Cysts are generally benign, but once they become worse, they can be life-threatening.

1 fresh vegetables, cereals and fruits, cattle, sheep, pig meat, eggs and other food, not a partial eclipse. In the daily diet collocation eat whole grains, renal cyst will be good soon. The intake of high-quality protein diet that control cyst of the kidney, supplement of high fiber and methods of food, it is best not to eat animal protein.

2 patients with renal failure must pay attention to spicy, stimulating, greasy food is best to eat, or even do not eat. Do not eat rotten food and barbecue.

3 patients with renal cysts in the daily diet to control attention to control the amount of sodium, must be based on the patient's condition and the degree of renal function of the amount of sodium intake to be strictly controlled.


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