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What are the symptoms of renal cysts

2017-03-04 16:48

The neighbor's sister for a period of time before backache, back pain, and sometimes abdominal pain, no matter when the first thought is, the rest is not good cause, but later, the pain is more and more serious, sometimes walking is very difficult to urinate when there are some tingling, then go to the hospital the query, it is got the renal cyst, after treatment, now has improved, which let me share for all the symptoms of renal cyst.

1 of the patient's waist, abdominal discomfort or pain, pain is characterized by pain, dull pain, fixed on one side or both sides, and to lower back radiation, patients showed hematuria hematuria or hematuria.

2 of the main reasons for the treatment of patients with 60 - 80% for the treatment of kidney enlargement, the greater the kidney, the renal function is low, the amount of protein is not much, if not more than 2 grams of urine within 24 hours, there will be no nephrotic syndrome.

3 in daily life, if the patient has symptoms of cysts will oppress the kidneys, resulting in renal ischemia, so that increased renin secretion, will cause high blood pressure symptoms.


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