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Patients with renal cysts in daily life should pay special a

2017-03-04 16:49

Renal cyst is the daily life of the high incidence of harm to the human body is a kind of disease, once had the disease of people is very painful, and in daily life has a lot of factors lead to the disease, so prevention is particularly important, before I have a friend of the disease, the doctor gave her advice: prevention is better than cure, mean do the usual prevention work, than in acute illness TouYi much better. So my friends, you must do a good job in the prevention of renal cysts. Today to share with you in patients with renal cysts in daily life to pay special attention to what, I hope to help you?

1 one should have a healthy diet, salty, spicy food does not eat or Shao Chi

2 pay attention to rest, do not do strenuous physical activity to prevent abdominal trauma, but also for the kidneys when the swelling is more obvious, do not use a belt, you can use a bandage instead, so as not to cause cyst rupture

3 pay attention to daily cleaning, daily cleaning the vulva, wash underwear, personal underwear to separate cleaning, cleaning the vulva in addition to timely micturition attention after sex

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