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How to do with renal cysts in daily life

2017-03-04 16:49


05 years, my uncle suffered from renal cyst, after the treatment, now has no right, and no recurrence of the phenomenon, in the period of Uncle sick, daily life should pay attention to the problem is very much, I will share with you.

Steps / methods:

1 in 05 years, more often feel uncle waist and abdomen pain, but also the emergence of the phenomenon of hematuria, go to the hospital, the doctor diagnosed uncle suffered from renal cyst. And remind the uncle in addition to treatment, but also pay attention to other problems in life.

The 2 doctor said, pickled things to eat, can not eat chili, wine, shrimp and other high protein can not eat, can not eat greasy food, in the daily movement, also should be careful not to do strenuous exercise, should be replaced with a loose belt.

3 now uncle have been cured of the disease, and no recurrence, but the doctor said, drug therapy is necessary, some problems in daily life should pay attention to, it will get well faster.

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