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Easy to form polycystic kidney disease?

2017-03-04 16:49

A few days ago, one of my relatives was diagnosed suffering from polycystic kidney disease, for such I am not quite understand, so to visit relatives at the same time, as the doctor consulted a number of relevant knowledge, and the causes of polycystic kidney do the corresponding understanding, I put the reason easy form of polycystic kidney told we hope you understand now, at the same time in advance to prevent this kind of disease.

1 form a cause, a non genetic mutation. For polycystic kidney disease, mostly through parental genetic, divided into autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease patients but also some neither parents nor belongs to congenital dysplasia, polycystic kidney disease, gene mutation but embryo formation when variable.

2 cause of the formation of two toxins. The role of toxins in the human body, can cause a variety of cell tissue and organ damage, resulting in disease, and even life-threatening, and is also a major cause of gene mutation, congenital anomalies.

3 etiology of the formation of three, a variety of infections. The infection may cause abnormal changes in the environment, which is conducive to change the environmental conditions of the gene cyst, cyst of the activity of internal factors enhanced, thus promoting cyst formation and growth. Common infections of upper respiratory tract infection (including colds), urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, skin infections, trauma, infection, infection and so on is whether the instrument, bacterial infection or viral infection, can have a great impact on the cyst.

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