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Polycystic kidney disease diet should pay attention to what

2017-03-04 16:51


Polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary kidney disease, perhaps everyone in life is rare, but a disease is common in the online search. Polycystic kidney disease has brought great suffering to the patient, although not for their families as we take a pain in life, so we should pay more attention to, which is what you can eat, can not eat, here together to understand it.

1 saying eat what repair what, since polycystic kidney kidney disease that eat animal liver can Bubu, it is not, the patient eat animal liver and kidney of patients will increase the burden of aggravating illness, so the patient is not fit to eat animal offal.

2 for polycystic kidney patients, alcohol, especially liquor can not drink wine, because of the patient's kidney irritation serious, will accelerate the growth of cyst, aggravate the disease, so I can't drink.

3 patients with polycystic kidney disease can not eat fermented foods, such as tofu, rotten eggs, etc., otherwise it will be beneficial to the growth of the cyst, so the patient should pay great attention to.

Matters needing attention:

Coffee, chocolate is prohibited.

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