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What are the treatment of polycystic kidney disease

2017-03-04 16:51

Now there are a lot of diseases in our daily lives is very rare, such as polycystic kidney disease. In fact, polycystic kidney is simply that there are many different sizes of cysts in our kidneys. Some are very large, some are very small. For polycystic kidney disease, you do not have to be very afraid of this disease, as long as the attention to methods, timely treatment is no problem. I have seen before the polycystic kidney patients, the following is a detailed introduction to the experience of treatment of polycystic kidney disease.

1 diet: eating Huangqi cooked mutton first Huangqi cleaned up and then cut into pieces, then add the right amount of water boiled gravy, the lamb cut into pieces, and Astragalus juice simmer for 2 to 3 hours, then add some seasoning sauce can be eaten.

2 in addition to edible Astragalus cooked mutton and a diet is to eat lentils stewed frog, but should pay attention to the amount of lentils, it is best not to buy the frog feed the frog, and the frog will lentils mixed stew together for about 3 hours or so can be eaten. For the treatment of polycystic kidney disease is of great help.

3 in addition to the diet, but also to strengthen the physical exercise, keep optimistic attitude, don't feel sad, don't eat too salty, too spicy food, eat a little light food is of great benefit to the rehabilitation of polycystic kidney.


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