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How to do polycystic kidney disease in pregnancy

2017-03-04 16:52

My bestie small Finn has been pregnant for 8 months, we all feel very happy for her. Because she had a prenatal examination to check out the pregnancy associated with polycystic kidney disease, the doctor said that if the deterioration of renal function can not be successful in the birth of the child. Now the body of a small Fen improved a lot, the doctor said that the child can be born normal. Now tell us about the treatment of small finn.

1 small pregnant after the emergence of various body pain, waist and abdomen often aching. She thought it was normal for the first time, so she ignored it. Later, the pain is getting worse, there is a small Finn pain can not reach the sound, her husband sent him to the hospital.

2 hospital to small Finn to stop the pain, but also to check the small finn. After the examination, the doctor told the small Finn, said she was a high-risk woman, because she was pregnant with polycystic kidney. So the doctor opened a number of drugs for pregnant women to small finn.

3 small Finn know this thing, more careful treatment of his stomach and his body. When she was three months pregnant with the company, please leave home at rest. She said she took medicine on time every day, eat a light meal but nutritious. And small Finn also said that every day she do pregnant women exercise, can strengthen physical fitness. Now Xiao Fen finally keep the glad to meet you.


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