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What are the symptoms of left renal cyst

2017-05-02 18:07
he occurrence of renal cyst in the left kidney on the left renal cyst, the general left renal cyst refers to a single renal cyst. Left renal cyst patients usually do not have signs and symptoms, some patients with left renal cysts may be due to the cyst itself and increased pressure, infection, etc..
Symptoms of left renal cyst:
1, the left side of the waist, abdominal discomfort or pain is a common symptom of left renal cyst, the reason is due to the enlargement and expansion of the left kidney, so that the renal capsule tension increased, the renal pedicle was pulled, or adjacent organs caused by pressure. In addition, kidney polycystic kidney water content, large, heavy, pull down, it will cause pain in the waist. The pain characterized by pain, dull pain, fixed on one side or both sides, and to lower back radiation. If there is a cystic hemorrhage or secondary infection, the pain will suddenly increase. Such as the merger of stones or bleeding after obstruction of the urinary tract obstruction, renal colic.
2, left renal cyst patients can be manifested as microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria. Onset of periodicity. The incidence of low back pain in the left renal cyst is often aggravated, and strenuous exercise, trauma and infection can be induced or aggravated. Left renal cyst bleeding is because there are many arteries under the capsule wall, due to increased pressure or infection, so that the blood vessel wall due to excessive traction and rupture bleeding.
renal cyst
3, left renal cyst oppression of the kidney can cause renal ischemia, increased renin secretion, causing hypertension. In normal renal function, more than 50% of patients with left renal cyst hypertension, renal dysfunction, the incidence of hypertension is higher.
4, left renal cyst in the left side of the abdominal mass, often the main reason for the treatment of patients with left renal cyst, 60% ~ 80% of the patients with left renal cysts can touch the enlarged kidney. In general, the greater the kidney, the worse the renal function.
5, left renal cyst patients can appear proteinuria, the general amount is not much, 24 hours urine will not exceed 2G, and more will not happen nephrotic syndrome.
The symptoms of the left renal cyst, there are symptoms of left renal cysts suggest that you closely observe, regular review, a simple small renal cyst on the body is not a greater impact, it will not affect fertility.

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