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What's a good way in treating polycystic kidney disease?

2017-05-04 14:14
What's a good way in treating polycystic kidney disease?Have polycystic kidney disease cyst as the person's age, progressive enlargement of the cyst, the earliest symptom is: low back pain, high blood pressure, abnormal B-.If there is no effective control in this period, Renal cyst will continue to increase, Oppression around the unit would result in the damage of renal function, to start the process of kidney disease, the emergence of the early for a pee test: egg white and blood cells; If the process has not been effective to curb the renal lesion There will be a rise in serum creatinine in polycystic kidney patients or decreased glomerular filtration rate, and finally develop into end-stage renal failure.The present treatment is surgical treatment of western medicine, and there is the traditional Chinese medicine conservative treatment. Firstly, from the perspective of immunological Renal Care Act, Based on the complex-energy-all issued by the biological theory of human tissues and organs physiological, Pathological information and information on drug effects The method of using the traditional concept of wholism and syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine combined with Suncor by the United States company has introduced high-tech kidney detection ect, A series of accurate selection of the development of kidney disease hospital of traditional Chinese medicine preparations by iontophoresis of the complex-energy equipment.At the same time combined with oral administration of Chinese medicine, The immune system is activated, The re-regulation of the human immune function of the body have a great super ability to repair itself, Speed up the metabolism and repair, "Quyu Shengxin", adjust the Yin and Yang, improve the pathological changes in the kidneys, to remove the destructive substances within the kidneys (immune complexes and metabolites), the stability of residual renal function; The protection of cell membrane, Scavenging oxygen free radicals and so on, In order to protect residual nephrons, And that is the destruction of the nephron fundamentally restored, Atrophy of the kidney to improve, Renal failure patients to avoid, To delay or to get rid of dialysis in order to achieve the restoration and preservation of renal function eventually eliminate fundamentally the urine of egg white, Red blood cells (occult blood), cast, so that patients with polycystic kidney or renal cysts and cysts shrunk or disappeared, and has reached the aim of treatment.

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