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Complications of renal cysts

2017-05-05 19:17

1) renal carcinoma: a focal lesion, but easy to occur in the deep, resulting in more obvious renal curvature. Hematuria is common, but cysts are not seen. When the renal parenchymal tumor is located above the psoas muscle, the edge of the muscle is not seen on the abdominal radiograph, while the cyst is still visible. Mobile evidence (such as weight loss, fatigue, touch the supraclavicular lymph node enlargement, chest said mobility nodules) and polycythemia, hypercalcinemia and erythrocyte sedimentation rate are a reminder of the cancer.

(2) renal abscess: a rare disease. Collection of history, can be found in the processes of fever and local pain before the week after skin infection. Urography showed that the lesions were similar to those of cysts and tumors. However, due to the influence of kidney inflammation, the renal contour and psoas muscles were blurred. At this point, the kidney is more fixed. The patient can be confirmed by comparing the position of the kidney in supine position and setting up. Angiography may indicate a vascular lesion. Gallium -67 scan can be used to indicate the inflammatory nature of the lesion, but the infection may also be similar to that of a simple renal cyst.

(3) hydronephrosis: symptoms and signs may be the same as those of simple renal cysts, but urography is quite different. The cyst causes kidney deformation, and hydronephrosis is manifested by the obstruction of the renal pelvis and renal pelvis. Acute or subacute hydronephrosis due to increased renal pelvic pressure often produces more localized pain and is easy to complicate due to infection.

In addition, kidney cysts occur in: work or live in a polluted environment, people prone to renal cysts. People who are emotionally unstable: abnormal changes in mood, especially those with chronic depression or panic. A person with a history of renal cysts in the family. Overworked people: including excessive physical labor, mental labor and lack of physical exercise or exercise methods, the intensity is not easy to suffer from renal cysts.


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