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What are the common symptoms of renal cysts

2017-05-05 19:17

1, hypertension: is a common manifestation of the disease early, and directly affect the prognosis. It is reported that nearly 60% of the patients with non hypertensive disease have high blood pressure. In the patients with normal renal function, the kidney is significantly higher than the normal blood pressure.

2, renal function damage: generally before the age of 30 rarely occur in chronic renal failure, to the age of 59 about half of the patients have lost renal function and the need for alternative treatment.

3, kidney swelling: can be greater than normal 5-6 times, there are significant differences on both sides. The need for early detection of kidney enlargement imaging can be found, serious abdominal palpation can be found.

4, proteinuria and white blood cell: 20~40 years old patients with 20%~40% have a mild persistent proteinuria, urinary protein quantitation of 24 hours is generally below 1G. The urine white blood cells, but not necessarily the urinary tract infection.

5, waist and abdomen discomfort, pain: This is the kidney and cyst enlargement, renal capsule tension or traction renal pedicle vascular nerve caused by. A sudden increase in pain is often caused by bleeding in the cyst or secondary infection, and a blockage in the ureter after a stone or hemorrhage may cause renal colic.


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