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Treatment of kidney disease can eat Chinese cabbage how to drink water to protect kidney

2017-01-24 17:16

Treatment of kidney disease can eat Chinese cabbage how to drink water to protect kidney

We should know that for high creatinine renal function that has been very poor, the normal value of creatinine is about between 40 to 100, if exceeded this standard, it proved that creatinine at this time is high, so you can eat some cabbage, it is best to eat some light food with less salt, the renal creatinine high we must pay attention to eating habits.

The kidney, it is one of the most important organs in the human body, the kidney is very important for human health, it plays some role in it can be The new supersedes the old., some waste excreted through the kidneys, if at this time there is a kidney if this will lead us to many diseases, when there is when the abnormal renal function, we must ensure good living habits, often drink water, it can dilute the urine, but also can make the discharge of waste from our bodies imported, their body more healthy.

In our daily life, should ensure a good habits to protect their kidneys, drink plenty of water is the usual time for his health is very good, because of water, it can play some aspects of the detoxification effect, drink plenty of water, it can help the health of the kidney, the kidney disease good prevention work, daily life should ensure good living habits.

We should all know that kidney disease is mainly because we live in bad habits, or diet induced, as we must ensure a good living habits and habits, so that we can effectively protect the kidney, nephritis, kidney stones for the disease, can play some preventive work and many people love to eat some more salty foods in the diet, it will lead to our increased kidney burden, is detrimental to health.

A lot of people will appear in check when creatinine, creatinine to normal value, is approximately between 40 to 100, if beyond the normal range, that your kidney function decline, in this period, may be appropriate to eat some cabbage, there are many substances and nutrients in Chinese cabbage there is great, for the protection of their kidneys, but also can effectively reduce serum creatinine.

The human kidney is one of a very important organ, should protect our kidneys, in the diet should pay attention to the regulation of some people love these processed foods, which has a great influence on the health of the kidney, when we have a fever cold, don't try to take medicine, it will cause the kidney the burden of easily lead to nephritis.

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