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What does serum creatinine high eat to help restore a condit

2017-01-24 17:19

What does serum creatinine high eat to help restore a condition?

High serum creatinine is a situation in our physical examination often meet, check the serum creatinine is often used as one of the main methods to understand the function of kidney, so when there are some problems in patients with renal disease, serum creatinine is also changed, these changes should be attention. The status of serum creatinine is high kidney check is very common, this time not only to accept the treatment of the hospital, but also a lot of attention in the diet, understand the precautions you need to eat, so as to better recover.

High serum creatinine to eat anything

First, what to eat medicine to reduce high creatinine, creatinine drugs are mainly Esit, this drug can quickly reduce creatinine values, but the need to point out is the only cure therapy does not cure, can only increase the number of toxins discharged from the other way, to temporarily relieve the symptoms of high creatinine, creatinine did not solve the problem of high from all. Long term use of side effects, and once the patient stopped, the creatinine values will rise rapidly, and higher than the previous creatinine value.

What food does serum creatinine eat? The amount of salt restriction: General compensatory stage of renal insufficiency, patients with azotemia although high serum creatinine, and the beginning of the clinical symptoms of mild, but because there is no visible pathological injury, hypertension and edema, control of salt intake were given low salt or salt free diet.

Protein supply: because the rescheduled patients azotemia, renal insufficiency, in order to control the renal function continued to deteriorate, we should control the protein intake, the rich in high-quality protein diet.

Vitamin intake: renal failure patients with high serum creatinine should use rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C food. If renal insufficiency and renal failure only high serum creatinine, but no less urine, edema patients can not help but salt and water, maintain a low salt diet, if there are serious edema, hypertension and even heart failure the situation should be strictly forbidden salt.

More attention is to eat high serum creatinine, so when they happen, must be strict with medical treatment, in family life, but also to their diet to control the diet, mainly to light, eat a little bit of quality protein rich foods, eat some rich in vitamin Vegetable & Fruit, so with the doctor's treatment, will put the wrong treatment serum creatinine is good.

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