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Why does renal insufficiency cause an increase in creatinine

2017-01-24 17:22

Why does renal insufficiency cause an increase in creatinine? This is a problem for every patient with kidney disease.

What is the cause of the increase in creatinine, a common feature of patients with renal insufficiency is an increase in creatinine. Some people would like to ask why is not a decrease in creatinine, why is there an increase in creatinine for the emergence of such symptoms, we explain from the following. Below we have a detailed look at the causes of renal insufficiency caused by elevated creatinine?

Patients with renal insufficiency should strengthen the consciousness of self health care, exercise, enhance the ability to resist disease, timely treatment of upper respiratory tract infection. The treatment of kidney disease in renal disease treated by creatinine therapy suggests that appropriate exercise should be taken in the treatment of renal insufficiency!

For renal insufficiency caused by high serum creatinine, or from the original. Renal fibrosis inflammation generally less pathological damage, only mild disturbance of blood circulation, and damage limitation, no glomerulus and renal interstitial fibrosis, there is no change in renal function. Impaired renal function in renal toxicity induced by cell factors, gradually change phenotype, but also stimulate the kidney fibroblasts into myofibroblasts secrete extracellular matrix synthesis a series, resulting in a large number of extracellular matrix deposition, and gradually replace the healthy renal unit, cause renal vascular fibrosis.

In patients with creatinine are very high, because when most organizations have kidney fibrosis, the renal function was damaged, the symptoms began to appear complications, creatinine and urea nitrogen increased; kidney filtration rate decreased etc.. What is the cause of the increase in creatinine caused by renal insufficiency?. In general, creatinine reflects the renal function of patients with renal failure, the higher they are, the more serious the degree of renal function injury, the more serious the damage is.

What is the cause of renal dysfunction caused by elevated creatinine, the discovery of the disease must be early, do not wait until the creatinine is high to a certain extent, before treatment. This will bring a lot of trouble to the treatment of renal insufficiency.

Expert tips: recommended that patients in the diet more attention, first of all to have a reasonable intake of protein. The metabolites in the human body mainly come from the protein components in the diet. Therefore, in order to reduce the burden of the kidney, the protein intake must be adapted to the excretion of the kidney. The amount of salt should be depending on the condition, such as high blood pressure, edema, it is advised to use a low salt diet, 2 grams of salt a day.

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