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serum creatinine

2017-01-24 17:24

serum creatinine

Clinical detection of serum creatinine is one of the main methods to understand renal function.

So what happens to creatinine, which is a product of human muscle metabolism?. In the muscle, creatine is mainly formed by the irreversible non enzymatic dehydration reaction to form creatinine, and then released into the blood, with urinary excretion. Therefore, the relationship between serum creatinine and total body muscle is close, which is not easy to be influenced by diet. Creatinine is a small molecule, can be filtered through the glomerulus, very little absorption in the renal tubule, the daily production of creatinine, almost all with urinary excretion, generally unaffected by urine volume.

In the case of renal insufficiency, creatinine accumulates in the body as a toxin that is harmful to human body. The normal upper limit of plasma creatinine was 100 mol / L. The different hospital testing standards are not the same, but not more than 120 micromolar / L. Within the unit time of the kidney, the amount of endogenous creatinine in a few ml of plasma was removed, which was called endogenous creatinine clearance (Ccr). Endogenous creatinine clearance test, which can reflect glomerular filtration function and roughly estimate the number of effective renal units, is a quantitative test for the determination of renal damage. Because of its simple operation, less interference factors and high sensitivity, it is one of the most commonly used renal function tests.

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