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Children uremia creatinine high, in daily life should be how

2017-01-25 14:14

Children uremia creatinine high, in daily life should be how to recuperate? What should parents do?
As the child's health is we as parents must ensure, however because the baby's resistance is low, given the high incidence of uremia creatinine chance, my website under the kidney hospital nephrology specialists showed that if parents show their children have features of high creatinine to uremia, immediately went to the hospital a diagnosis from the side effects of uremia high creatinine. After diagnosis, to do a good job conditioning: light, low protein based, seize the time to supply water, salt, vitamin B, C, D.
Today, the disease is not a high degree of uremia in the elderly patents, many children also suffer from the disease, so that many parents anxious unceasingly, want to make the child as soon as possible turn up. In addition to the positive treatment of the disease, there is a certain degree of dietary requirements.
The child patient's diet: high creatinine uremic patients should be low in protein, and protein to the animal protein contains essential amino acids, such as milk, eggs, fish, lean meat, etc.. Sick children get 20 grams of protein per day.
Take time to supply water and salt. Children are very vulnerable to water shortages, resulting in dehydration and low sodium phenomenon, especially the poor appetite for a long time sick children. So pay attention to water, salt. However, at the same time, we should pay attention to children with high degree of uremia in children with poor resistance to water, sodium, so there is no way to excess, in order to stay away from high sodium or water poisoning. At the same time, sick children should also pay attention to calcium, potassium.
Diet rich in vitamins, sick children should provide more vitamins, especially vitamin B, C, D. Heat should not be less than 35 kg per kilogram of body weight, if a lot of urine in children with the disease, edema is not obvious, usually do not limit their drinking water.
My website under the kidney hospital "penetration of Chinese medicine therapy + six immune therapy" to clear the final effect of immune complexes and live kidney, but also can improve the kidney to damage the kidney cells of oxygen, recovery, treatment and maintenance to achieve synchronization.
Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine penetration therapy + six immunotherapy of the five major advantages
1 of patients generally considered comfortable: the healing process is quite comfortable, feeling like a light massage to oxygen molecules in renal cell, comfort the hemp, the patient queue waiting for active treatment
2 German technology, trustworthy: technology from Germany, clinical trials after 5 years, safe, painless, non-toxic side effects
3 curative effect is significant: can quickly identify and remove the immune complexes in the kidney, the rapid recovery of damaged kidney cells, to clear the kidney, kidney, kidney protection of the three effects
4 low cost: the cost of treatment is low, usually affordable families can afford.
5 no side effects: to solve the traditional treatment of long-term medication adverse effects brought about by the pain.
The membership in our website if the kidney hospital, receiving new patients, the first is a thorough examination, understanding of disease, distinguish the condition, then the cell nephropathy multidisciplinary expert consultation, establish a scientific, reasonable and orderly implementation of the comprehensive treatment plan and treatment. Along with the progress of disease and cure, third consultation, third adjustment plan to cure, good results, the smallest bad reaction, the most economical expenditure, so that patients get the best treatment effect and better quality of life.

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