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Uremic patients with high creatinine, usually should pay att

2017-01-25 14:16

Uremic patients with high creatinine, usually should pay attention to some of the above problems?
Whether it is a high degree of uremia or other aspects of the disease, there are a lot of attention, kidney disease experts believe that the increase in patients with high creatinine creatinine and the patient's way of life is directly linked. Therefore, in the treatment of uremia creatinine high, we should do a good job on the adjustment of diet and life conditioning, do not self treatment or drug abuse. In addition, more emphasis is for regular review, this can prevent uremia creatinine high "querfufan".
Today, more and more people suffering from uremia creatinine, if suffering, will bring a lot of inconvenience to people's lives, the body will cause harm. And if people do not pay attention to the prevention of high incidence of uremia creatinine, it may cause the side effects of the disease to more people. So we want to know the prevention of uremia creatinine high precautions, in order to live a healthy life.
1 urine has a bleeding or foam durable, there may be the presence of proteinuria PRO phenomenon, must immediately seek medical treatment, and even for renal biopsy.
2 urinary calculi not to neglect, should be regularly (every 3~6 months) follow-up time. Although the stone does not hurt, but it may have been caused by chronic hydronephrosis, but also bear in mind that fossil grass ineffective stone. This is also a high degree of prevention of uremia creatinine precautions.
3 any kidney disease, can not be ignored and delayed medical treatment, because of the continued deterioration of any kidney disease may become uremia. This is the focus of attention in the prevention of uremia creatinine.
To learn more about the prevention and treatment of uremia creatinine, can make people better defense against the disease, then can be more healthy work. So if you want to stay away from our lives, please keep in mind that these high precautions against uremia creatinine. Finally, I wish you all the patients can be treated as soon as possible.
Hebei kidney disease treatment network is also the exclusive introduction of the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine penetration therapy + six immunotherapy is the current treatment of better treatment of nephropathy. Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six immunotherapy is the treatment of various light and oxygen in the blood cells induced by cytokines and metabolites, and to clear the renal capillaries and capillary blood coagulation outside, make degeneration, edema, hyperplasia, damage, necrosis of the glomerulus, renal tubules, renal interstitial recovery.
Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine + six therapeutic effect of the treatment of the Department of immunology four
1 immune efficacy: activation of the body's immune system, resulting in a variety of immune cells and its active metabolites to induce the body to produce cytotoxic T lymphocytes, the use of the body's own immune response to treatment.
2: to induce immune induced effects of various cytokines cover purifying metabolites in the blood, such as endogenous interferon, interleukin, granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, transforming growth factor, accompanied by the transfer of blood circulation to the kidney various lymphoid organs, activate the activity of cells, immune response further.
3 kidney protection effect: by accelerating the oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin, improving renal oxygen supply, improve blood circulation, while activation of free radical scavenging systems of the kidney, removing toxins, improve kidney antioxidant ability, restore the damaged parts.
4 maintain water and electrolyte balance and acid-base balance, control and adjust the blood viscosity, enhance resistance, improve metabolic function, improve the quality of life.
The membership in our website if the kidney hospital, receiving new patients, the first is a thorough examination, understanding of disease, distinguish the condition, then the cell nephropathy multidisciplinary expert consultation, establish a scientific, reasonable and orderly implementation of the comprehensive treatment plan and treatment.
Along with the progress of disease and cure, third consultation, third adjustment plan to cure, good results, the smallest bad reaction, the most economical expenditure, so that patients get the best treatment effect and better quality of life.
For the attention of the high degree of uremia creatinine are aware of it, to solve the high creatinine method is not very good for themselves?

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