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How does the muscle liver need how to treat? How scientific and effective treatment?

2017-01-25 14:53

How does the muscle liver need how to treat? How scientific and effective treatment?
This article introduces how to deal with the need of high muscular liver, how to treat it scientifically and effectively? "And" "related content, kidney disease experts suggest that you go to the hospital before, you should first consult the kidney specialist, in order to avoid detours on the way,
How to treat uremia better? What is the need for the treatment of patients with high liver muscle liver consultation: high muscle liver, more than and 400 nearly 500, male age of 23 without any other medical history. It is not only in the kidney? Is there any way? What kind of treatment is needed, I have been in the local treatment for some time to see some decline, but after a period of time and repeated. Experts say: that the condition into the renal failure of renal failure. This is due to impaired kidney function, glomerular sclerosis, fibrosis, toxins in the body can not be discharged from the accumulation of. Is still in the reversible phase, after active treatment, the condition is hopeful to reverse. That combination of Chinese and Western medicine, comprehensive treatment in western medicine treatment at the same time, through the effective substance of traditional Chinese medicine, improve renal microcirculation, to prevent the glomerular sclerosis, protecting residual renal recovery unit, its kidney detoxification function, this index will naturally decline, the disease will not reverse, to the point of the development of uremia. That means palliatives, if only to drop index of treatment, the disease control is only temporary, but the pathological injury of kidney were not repaired in place, so repeated illness. Dialysis can eat what? See what is high and what is the relationship?
Uremia is a series of complex syndrome caused by the disorder of internal biochemical process. For uremia is kidney fibrosis lesion results on renal fibrosis were blocked, and the space is reversible renal fibrosis lesions to be repaired, on the current level of medical development, the best way is effective in the treatment of renal failure. At this point, there have been more and more cases of renal failure confirmed that the use of standardized treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, to achieve the best therapeutic effect of renal failure. Treatment of renal failure scheme combined with the specification of the traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, will be based on the source of the disease and renal failure for targeted therapy, has two major advantages: one is characteristic of resistance can fundamentally block renal function have been damage process, prevent the disease worsening progress; two - patient can help repair constantly repaired kidney detoxification, and ultimately eliminate disease treatment goals in the ". If only the application of Western medicine to treat renal failure, although in a short period of time will be the patient's clinical symptoms subsided, but want to achieve the basic treatment, such as the above, is far from enough. For example, the hormone can control the inflammatory response in patients with the urinary protein and occult blood in a short time to eliminate symptoms of patients with kidney disease. But this "palliative" is the result of the patient's condition, resulting in two recurrence, protein, occult blood symptoms appear again.
The above is about the scientific and reasonable treatment of high creatinine on the introduction of high creatinine to find a professional hospital and professional doctors to take regular treatment, so as not to delay the disease.

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