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How does uremia high creatinine do?

2017-10-12 15:33

How does uremia high creatinine do? Patients with high creatinine need to plan reasonable treatment according to the symptoms of the disease, including the following points:

How does uremia high creatinine do?

General treatment: after acute onset, should stay in bed. The diet principle is based on low salt, high vitamin and high calorie diet, while limiting the intake of high potassium foods. Patients with pathological changes in the kidney should be treated with hormone for a long time, while the dosage and course of the hormone should be targeted by doctors so as not to have poor results or complications.

Symptomatic treatment: commonly used thiazide diuretics, swelling diuretic, combined with thiazide diuretics, vasodilators, and if necessary, with calcium channel blockers, lowering blood pressure and other symptomatic treatment. Heart failure should focus on correcting the retention of sodium and water, restore blood volume, after diuretic antihypertensive can significantly improve heart failure; hypertensive encephalopathy, can the intravenous infusion of sodium nitroprusside and other drugs, convulsions can use intravenous diazepam; high blood coagulation status of patients should be intravenous urokinase. The selection of the above drugs should be adjusted according to the symptoms of patients at different stages.

Prevention and treatment of infection: positive use of antibiotics at the time of positive bacterial culture, and frequent use of penicillin or macrolide antibiotics to control infection.

The above is about the principle of higher treatment of creatinine. The treatment of each patient should be determined according to the individual condition. Accurate and timely treatment is essential for high creatinine levels. We recommend that patients consult an online expert to avoid making a blind diagnosis of disease progression.

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