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Does creatinine in normal range represent kidney normal?

2017-11-18 16:35

Serum creatinine is one of the most important indicators of nephrology. Some patients see their "creatinine" in the normal range, they think their kidneys has no problem, but you know it is wrong, and may miss the “golden age” of treatment of kidney disease.

Does creatinine in normal range represent kidney normal?

As you all know, the excretion of toxic and harmful substances, is one of the important functions of the kidney. But most people do not know, kidney usually play only 7-8 percent of the "function", you can get rid of garbage in the body.

Even with minor injuries, the kidneys only need to work hard, to play 9 of the "function", garbage can still be discharged normally. On the surface, creatinine is still within normal range. At this stage, we call it "compensatory period". This stage is often relatively mild, as long as through the timely treatment + reasonable diet, you can keep the kidney function.

Until one day, the kidney has been overwhelmed, even if work hard, also can not all the garbage excreted, creatinine will gradually rise, and beyond the normal range. At this stage, we call it "decompensation". At this stage, the illness is often serious, and it needs to be treated with positive treatment and strict diet, so as to delay the development of the disease.

Of course, the above premise is: you are already a kidney disease patient! (definite diagnosis of kidney disease, long-term proteinuria or renal ultrasound indicated case damage)

"Creatinine" is actually a relatively lagging indicator, and not because it is in the normal range, and take it lightly. But we can calculate the glomerular filtration rate by the "creatinine" value to judge our renal function.

In the "compensatory period", we should reduce the burden of the kidney by reducing the amount of salt and protein in the food, thus avoiding further development to the decompensation stage".

Less salt: processed foods and condiments are the hardest hit areas. Spices, sweet and sour flavors can be used instead of concentrated oil and red sauce.

Low protein: replace staple food with low protein staple food, don't over eat high protein food.

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