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What are the misunderstandings of creatinine in patients wit

2017-12-23 10:45

For creatinine, many patients with nephropathy are not strange. Elevated levels of serum creatinine indicates renal failure. However, in clinical practice, we found that many patients with kidney disease still have some misunderstandings on creatinine.

Have you heard that other diseases can also cause an increase in serum creatinine? No. However, elevated serum creatinine is not necessarily really kidney disease.

What are the misunderstandings of creatinine in patients with kidney disease?

Creatinine is a small molecule that is the product of muscle metabolism. In other words, no matter eat meat or exercise, will produce a large amount of creatinine. There is an upper limit on the rate of renal metabolic creatinine, called endogenous creatinine clearance. One can imagine, if there is too much creatinine generated within a period of time, the kidney has too late metabolism, it will cause elevated serum creatinine. Therefore, serum creatinine suddenly increased, not necessarily kidney disease. At the same time, renal failure patients with kidney failure, should not have strenuous exercise.

The level of serum creatinine does not reflect the severity of kidney disease. Kidney disease patients with serum creatinine level more than 1000, the condition is not necessarily more serious than patients with serum creatinine five hundred. Because of elevated serum creatinine can be caused by many factors, such as sudden infection, drug damage, diet, exercise, etc, the extent of renal damage is only one of them. The indicators that truly reflect the severity of nephrosis, whether it's urine volume, kidney volume, or urine protein, are much more reliable than serum creatinine.

Hemodialysis is indeed a high-efficiency method of lowering serum creatinine, but because of the side effects of hemodialysis, patients who are truly suitable for dialysis have strict standards and serum creatinine values are just one of many criteria. As mentioned above elevated serum creatinine caused by various causes, as long as the elimination of these reasons, serum creatinine will reduce by itself, unless it is suffering from kidney disease for many years, severe kidney damage, there was a significant decline in urine output decreased severely, toxin can not be normally excreted, hemodialysis is needed.

In fact, both drugs or therapies, have a certain effect of reducing creatinine, if you think proprietary Chinese medicine is not good, you can use the dialectical administration of traditional Chinese medicine prescription. In addition, creatinine is not the goal of reducing the remaining renal function is the purpose of protection, dialysis is possible, but not as the only means that can be used with traditional Chinese medicine Qi and blood circulation to improve renal blood circulation.

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