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Sartan, pripril antihypertensive drugs can make creatinine i

2018-01-24 16:59

Sartan, priapril can raise creatinine level, but it's not the deterioration of renal function, but the changes in creatinine that these drugs produce because they affect the blood flow of the kidneys. This is temporary, and over time, creatinine will slowly fall back.

Sartan, pripril antihypertensive drugs can make creatinine increase, nephropathy patients can still eat?

Although we call these two drugs hypotensive drugs, they not only reduce blood pressure, but also reduce urine protein and protect kidney function. In fact, within the limits of blood pressure allowed. The doctor determines the dosage of the drug according to the amount of urine protein.

What special circumstances can not be eaten?

When creatinine rises by more than 30%: pripril, sartan drugs increase creatinine by about 20%, which is a normal phenomenon within acceptable range; But if creatinine increases more than 30 percent after medication, you need to consider stopping it. The increase of 40% must be banned.

Creatinine above 265: the standard in the Department of Renal Medicine is that if the patient has reached 265, cannot be treated with priapril, sartan. However, if the patient has regular dialysis, Instead, it can be used because the kidney is ignored, and the drug is used to control blood pressure and protect important organs such as the heart / brain.

Other conditions, though not related to creatinine, it is also necessary to reduce diapril and sartan when it occur. Cause hypertension below 90 / 60mmHg, diarrhea, dehydration, resulting in hyperkalemia.

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