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Kidney cysts will be affected by weather changes?

2017-03-05 08:15

1, spring warm, everything is beneficial to renal cyst Chunsheng, patients' recovery. However, windy in spring, patients vulnerable to wind evil invasion.

2, hot summer, hot and wet, hot and wet evil is easy to damage the human body, cause a variety of diseases, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease. Hot weather easily combined with a variety of infections, such as intestinal infections, urinary tract infections, and these infections will directly and indirectly aggravate the development of renal cysts.

3, dry autumn, patients should be alert to fire hot injury lung and kidney yin. To understand the causes of renal cysts, which is very important to prevent and control.

4 patients with renal cyst and cold winter, easy injury yang. Cold weather, poor body immunity, easy to cold, not only aggravate the condition of renal cysts, but also affect blood pressure

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