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Causes of renal cyst

2017-03-05 10:51

The molecular mechanism of renal cyst renal cyst causes mainly by mutations in the VHL gene of renal cyst is a cystic mass in the kidney in the common diseases, renal cyst can be divided into adult polycystic kidney, renal cyst and renal cyst, and most patients Over 60 years old. Most renal cysts do not cause any symptoms, but when the cyst is too large to replace the kidney tissue, it may lead to chronic renal failure and other kidney damage
A cystic disease of the kidney consists of a single or multiple cystic disease that may occur in different parts of the kidney. Mostly congenital, can be sent on one or both sides. More common in 35-45 years old. The main manifestations of abdominal distension and abdominal pain (movement intensified after supine abdominal mass, reduce) high blood pressure, hematuria, anemia, a small number of polycythemia, 50% with liver cysts, pancreatic, lung, spleen, bones, testes, ovaries, thyroid cysts may also have a small number of intracranial aneurysms. The majority of patients with kidney infection and stones. Late stage

Chronic renal failure. If the infant is often associated with other malformations, many died in January in a few weeks of birth. The occurrence of renal cyst is closely related to daily life.

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