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How to carry on the nursing work of kidney cyst?

2017-03-05 10:56

1, low protein diet
For any patient with kidney disease, a low protein diet should be taken to avoid the synthesis of nitrogen metabolites in the body in order to reduce the excretion of the kidney. In particular, patients need to pay attention to avoid the use of soybeans, soy products, so as not to increase the molecular weight of plant protein kidney
Excretion burden is not conducive to disease recovery.

2, taboo fermented food
The fermentation products in the diet, such as bean curd, rotten eggs, etc., to avoid eating them will be more helpful for patients with renal cyst diet.

3, taboo kidney cooked food
In the process of animal slaughter, animal kidney, especially the kidney will leave a lot of toxin, and human kidney function is detoxification, detoxification, if patients take the kidney cooked food, excessive accumulation of toxins in the kidney, kidney burden of invisible, aggravating illness
4, taboo wine
Renal cyst patients to quit alcohol, especially liquor, alcohol is particularly important for the stimulation of the kidney. It stimulates the activity of the polycystic kidney protein and accelerates the growth of renal cysts. In addition, drink to drink.

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