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What does the cyst of kidney cyst patient prevent to have?

2017-03-05 10:57

1, renal cyst diet should pay attention to alcoholic beverages, alcohol, especially liquor, for patients with renal cyst should quit, kidney cyst of the diet on the liver and kidney stimulation is very important. It stimulates the activity of polycystic protein and accelerates the growth of cysts.

2, fermented food, fermented food here is mainly the fermentation of fermented foods, such as milk and kidney cysts, such as tofu, rotten eggs. Avoid this kind of food will be beneficial to the growth rate of cysts.

3, high protein food, every kind of kidney disease, should be low protein diet, kidney cyst diet to avoid the synthesis of nitrogen metabolites in vivo, reduce renal excretion. Diet of renal cysts such as soybean, tofu and other soy products.

4, visceral food, animal offal made of cooked food is not suitable for patients with renal cyst renal cyst eating edible, especially animal liver, Chinese a message, what to eat, what, in fact is not the case, renal cyst eating animal at slaughter process
Many toxins left in the liver and kidney, especially the liver, liver function is detoxification, many animal metabolic toxins are left in the gut, if the patient is taking these substances invisible to increase the burden on the kidneys, aggravating illness.

5, renal cysts in the diet of coffee, chocolate is prohibited.

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