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Why do people get kidney cysts?

2017-03-05 11:03

1, cell proliferation
The formation of cyst wall cells is stronger than that of normal renal cells
2, cell secretion
The cells in the wall of the cyst secrete a lot of liquid, forming a cell ball, thus forming a cyst.

3, abnormal basement membrane
A very thin layer of tissue attachment cyst cells basement membrane, basement membrane thickening, form a layer, but also lead to an important cause of renal cyst.

4, infection
The change in infection environment, this environment is conducive to enhance the activity of cyst formation, internal factors cause cyst cyst, creating, grow up, so be sure to prevent infection in life, to avoid further aggravation of renal cyst growth, injury

5, toxins
Some toxic substances into the body, will cause a variety of cell tissue and organ damage, resulting in a disease, severe patients will be life-threatening, and lead to gene mutations, causing renal cysts.

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