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Treatment of simple renal cysts

2017-05-02 18:22
Simple renal cyst is usually a single side, but also multiple or small, rarely occur in bilateral, compared with polycystic kidney disease, the clinical manifestations and pathological manifestations are different. Simple renal cysts have the following treatment:
Special treatment of simple renal cyst
1, when the diagnosis of renal excretory urography, tomography radiography, ultrasound images and CT still can not make a choice for the diagnosis, angiography, and percutaneous cyst aspiration as the next diagnosis means, which can not only on X-ray monitoring can be carried out in ultrasound image monitoring. It is an encouraging sign to find a clear cyst fluid, but aspiration cytology should be performed. The fat content should be determined, and the fat content is higher than that of the tumor. The cyst fluid was then drained and replaced with contrast agent. Then in different positions of the film, in order to show the smoothness of the capsule wall, with or without the existence of vegetations. Before taking out the contrast agent, the 3ml ester of iodine is injected into the cavity of the capsule, which reduces the change caused by the re accumulation of the liquid. If only the cyst will be evacuated, the majority will relapse. If the pumping fluid is bloody, surgery may be considered, because at this time the disease is serious, and even carcinogenesis.
2, such as a clear diagnosis, can be considered to retain the cyst, after all, the rare case of renal cysts damage.
3, when the diagnosis is still questionable, surgical exploration may be considered. Usually only the external part of the cyst resection. If the kidney is badly damaged, nephrectomy is an indication, but this is rare.
Two, the treatment of simple renal cyst complications
1, when cysts complicated with infection, antibiotics should be strengthened, so often need to puncture drainage.
2. If the puncture drainage fails, the external part of the cyst wall is removed.
3, the occurrence of hydronephrosis, removal of the obstruction caused by the wall of the cyst can relieve ureteral obstruction.
4, the involvement of the pyelonephritis of the kidney suggests the presence of urinary tract obstruction, and then ureteral drainage is not smooth. After removal of the cyst, it naturally relieves the pressure of the urinary tract, which makes it more effective.

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