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What are the errors of renal cyst

2017-05-05 18:21

First, the symptoms before treatment

Most of the patients with renal cyst is more obvious when the symptom to remember to go to the hospital for treatment, such as unexplained pain, nausea and vomiting, but this time the degree of fibrosis of kidney is very serious, the renal function has been damaged, renal cyst will cause renal failure, uremia and other diseases, so we need to do early detection and early treatment.

Two, the method is not appropriate

Renal cyst is a major cause of renal fibrosis, many patients often use the surgical method to reduce cyst of the kidney oppression, but the results are often unsatisfactory, unable to control the process of renal fibrosis, the progressive decline of renal function, in addition, some patients with hypertension symptoms, using antihypertensive medication blindly, resulting in increasing the burden of kidney.

Three, female patients can not bear

Renal cyst is a genetic disease, so many people think that patients with renal cysts can not get married can not have children, which caused a lot of psychological pressure on patients with renal cysts. Although some children will be patients with renal cyst, but does not indicate renal cyst were infertile, as long as the young female renal cyst patients with stable disease, normal renal function, under the guidance of a doctor is fertility.

In life we need a comprehensive understanding of this disease, usually pay attention to reasonable rest, but also pay attention to the diagnosis of this disease, great harm, can cause urinary tract infections, but also cause canceration, causes the kidney affected, so they should be comprehensive treatment, so as not to bring more pain.


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