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Long sallow complexion is renal failure

2017-09-11 11:49

Recently, a man with long sallow complexion, was diagnosed as renal failure. In life, we must not be careless, there are any hidden dangers should be checked. So, how to prevent renal failure?

Zhang, 45 years old, in recent months, a little sallow complexion, at the beginning he is careless about this. However, he went to the hospital for a check, the rest reported that he has renal failure. Doctors remind his sallow complexion, once found serious anemia, to the clinic timely to the hospital, exclusion of chronic kidney disease.

Long sallow complexion is renal failure

According to the time of emergency admissions doctors, patients came sallow complexion, blood creatinine as high as 1 thousand, 10 times more than the normal, patients in Department of Nephrology was immediately go to the hospital's emergency. All this makes family unexpected, Zhang livid because of his renal failure.

The doctor explained that some people have always been not conscious of physical health, but when they appear obvious symptoms of discomfort, to the hospital for an examination, was diagnosed uremia, accompanied by serious complications.

In fact, most patients with uremia are developed from the early stage of chronic kidney disease, but the early onset of chronic kidney disease is hidden, not easily to be detected. First of all, when the eyelids or facial edema in the morning, usually these symptoms are aggravated when tired, after the rest in the afternoon, the symptom will subside. Second, a large number of bubbles in urine and for a long time, does not disappear. This suggests that there is more protein in the urine.

There is a change in urine color. Normal urine is light beer color, transparent color, dark brown, if the urine color is soy sauce, early treatment. Except if there is too much or too little urine. The average amount of urine of normal people is 1500 ml / day, daily urine 4 - 8 times, if there is no fever, sweating, drink lots of water, and urine volume decreased or increased, should be timely treatment. Under 60 years of age, generally should not have nocturnal urine, if the young man nocturia increased, may be an early sign of renal dysfunction.

So, how to prevent renal failure?
Protein intake should be restricted, in order to reduce the burden of kidney, but if you eat less, can't satisfy the consumption of muscle and visceral organs of the body, so must have the right and sufficient "quantity" and "quality" of the protein content should be 1 kg per day to 1.2 grams, renal failure diet, eat high quality and biological value of animal protein foods, such as milk, eggs, meat.

For plant protein in vivo utilization rate is low, metabolism resulting more nitrogenous waste, so can not be any food, such as legumes (beans, mung beans, peas, soybeans, soy products (Wan Douren), Dried tofu, tofu, Soybean Milk), gluten products (gluten, gluten, flour intestines), nuts (peanuts, melon seeds, walnut, cashew, Su Zi etc.).

A vegetarian because soybean products and cereals contain enough essential amino acids, in order to improve the vegetarian protein utilization rate, the food must be together collocation edible, can play a complementary effect; it is best to eat some appropriate cakes, according to the quantitative protein intake standard.

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