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How to protect the kidney in patients with renal insufficien

2017-01-24 15:44

How to protect the kidney in patients with renal insufficiency

Patients with renal insufficiency should be how to protect the kidney! For patients with renal insufficiency, for renal protection can be said to be more important than the deterioration of kidney protection prevention condition, how are we going to do? How can we protect the kidney? Renal insufficiency patients should pay attention to, the following is an expert explain some problems of protecting kidney for you.

First, patients with renal insufficiency should pay attention to the renal insufficiency must pay attention to the amount of protein, scientific and reasonable. The metabolic products in the human body are mainly derived from the protein components in the diet. Therefore, in order to reduce the burden of the remaining kidney, protein intake must be compatible with the excretion of the kidney. For example, when the blood creatinine of 170 - 440 micromolar / L, protein per kilogram of body weight per day of 0.6 grams is appropriate, there are a lot of protein urine, every loss of 1 grams of urine protein, can be an additional supplement of 1.5 grams of protein.

Two, patients with renal insufficiency should pay attention to, we in the intake of protein. At the same time, we should pay attention to the absorption, in order to make maximum use of the protein intake, do not let it into energy consumed in the low protein diet at the same time, must also add energy. At least 35 thousand calories per kilogram of body weight per day, mainly from sugar, can eat fruits, sugar products, chocolate, jam, honey, etc..

Three, renal insufficiency patients should pay attention, we must pay attention to protein intake and absorption, but also the special case of special treatment, there is some food in front of the accords with the conditions, such as egg yolk, dried meat floss, animal offal, milk products, such as the bone marrow, but because of their high P content and should not eat, because P retention can promote the further deterioration of kidney function. In order to reduce phosphorus content in food, edible fish, meat and potatoes, boiled soup should be abandoned after further cooking.

Four, patients with renal insufficiency should pay attention to renal dysfunction in this disease, we have certain requirements on the salt, but salt should be chosen according to the patient's condition, such as hypertension, edema, should use low salt diet, daily 2 grams of salt. Renal dysfunction after renal excretion of drug may also damage the kidneys, such as gentamicin, sulfa antibiotics, such as penicillin, indomethacin, paracetamol, and hormone, contrast agent etc..

Patients with renal insufficiency should be how to protect the kidney, we made from the above four aspects of renal insufficiency patients how to protect the kidney. Kidney disease experts suggest that patients with renal dysfunction to their bodies do not sloppy, because each patient's body constitution is different, the symptoms are different, for the relevant knowledge, please related nursing care under the guidance of professional doctors. Finally, I wish a speedy recovery of patients.

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