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Why do we have a simple analysis of the four main causes of

2017-01-24 15:58

Why do we have a simple analysis of the four main causes of chronic renal failure

Core tip: now due to environmental pollution aggravated, many people do not have to go to the hospital for regular physical examination, resulting in chronic renal failure disease is very serious, but the cause of chronic renal failure is more, its renal lesions appeared, other urinary system blockage or no systemic disease, may cause renal the problem.

Chronic renal failure is a complex clinical disease, usually because of people suffering from chronic kidney disease other, no positive treatment, the renal dysfunction occurred slowly, if you think this time is not controlled, then finally lead to suffering from uremia, so why people suffering from chronic renal failure? This is a lot of friends were more concerned about the problem, look together.

The causes of renal failure include the following:

1, the kidney's own lesions

The cause of patients with renal failure, friends ratio is very high, such as a variety of nephrotic syndrome, chronic interstitial nephritis and other diseases are more common, and this is very difficult to find in the clinic, when general and other more serious illness, do check to detect.

2, kidney tissue lesions caused by

Now about the etiology of chronic renal failure, there are many different views, but generally is because the kidney tissue lesions caused by itself, so we must do the preventive measures, timely treatment of various kidney diseases.

3, the cause of renal failure is due to lower urinary tract obstruction

If male friend suffers from hypertrophy of the prostate or tumor disease, and urethral disease, then it is easy to cause secondary infection, repeated infection, it is easy to cause chronic renal failure.

4, systemic disease or poisoning can cause renal failure

Systemic diseases can also affect the health of the kidneys, leading to kidney failure, such as long-term hypertension, diabetes, gout and toxic nephropathy, etc..

The above is that we introduce the specific causes of chronic renal failure, because chronic renal failure is likely to lead to people suffering from uremia, so the disease harm is serious, so after we understand the specific reasons, if found to have been suffering from some kidney diseases themselves, so active treatment.

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