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What is the treatment of chronic renal failure in traditional Chinese medicine?

2017-01-24 16:08

What is the treatment of chronic renal failure in traditional Chinese medicine?

Nephritis is a non suppurative inflammatory lesion in both kidneys. Because of the damage of the renal corpuscle, such as edema, hypertension, proteinuria and so on, it is one of the most common renal diseases. Many types of nephritis, acute and chronic nephritis (glomerulus) (glomerular nephritis) nephritis, pyelonephritis, occult nephritis, Henoch Schonlein purpura (HSPN), lupus nephritis (LN). Nephritis is an autoimmune disease is an inflammatory reaction in renal immune mediated, different antigen microbial infection of the human body, produce different antibodies, immune complex synthesis of different nodes, the Research Institute of Chinese nephosis think by deposition in different parts of kidney injury, the formation of different types of nephritis.

Chronic renal failure disease seriously affect the health of patients, so many kidney disease patients suffering. Whether adults or children, the possibility of suffering from chronic renal failure disease. Therefore, for chronic renal failure disease must be done early detection and early treatment, but also take a lot of effective treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

Chronic renal failure disease can take TCM syndrome differentiation method. Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure in the three period is the best way to use, can effectively alleviate the symptoms of disease and delay the progression of chronic renal failure disease. So, what kind of treatment of chronic renal failure in the end how to treat it?.

For the effective treatment of chronic renal failure patients, Chinese experts pointed out that the use of White Tiger Decoction and Huanglian Jiedu Decoction can effectively relieve. Specific methods: plaster and Anemarrhena and liquorice and rice and Coptis medicinal herbs such as Radix Scutellariae and then ready to spare, and other medicinal herbs such as Gardenia cypress, placed in reserve. If the fever patients with severe renal failure, you can add some Zixuesan to remove the evil heat. And if thirsty serious patients can be used to effectively heat fluid and thirst and the amount of pollen and dendrobium. A part of chronic renal failure patients with traditional Chinese medicine can be used to reduce dialysis and catharsis lotion times to a certain extent, can reduce a lot of pain in patients with chronic renal failure.

Treatment of chronic renal failure disease with TCM in a recipe high feasibility, that can be used in patients with each 30 grams of oyster and Scutellaria barbata, plus rhubarb and aconite cooked each about 20 grams, add water with fried water to drink, to drink daily residue. In patients with chronic renal failure can take about 30 grams of Plantago in oliguria period, with a cloth and then fried juice, then add clean rice stems about 100 grams, together with cooked porridge and then take.

In patients with chronic renal failure, the diet should be light as far as possible, eat spicy spicy food, and during the onset of chronic renal failure in patients with uremia, the gastrointestinal mucosa often showed hyperemia and erosions of the state, such as eating chili, liquor and so on stimulating food, often will greatly increase the degree of erosion of human gastrointestinal mucosa. Will cause the blood of patients with gastric endometrial vascular permeability, this, in patients with chronic renal failure diseases must be a lot of attention, have some help on the recovery of the disease.

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