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What are the precautions of renal failure diet

2017-01-25 15:25

People are not unfamiliar with renal failure, renal failure is painful, life should pay attention to understand the precautions of this disease, especially in patients with attention in the diet, what precautions diet renal failure? We look at the details of the expert.
When the renal function, can not be excreted in the urine toxins, will accumulate in the blood caused by poisoning symptoms (that is, uremia), will lead to excessive hydrogen, sodium and potassium ions in the body.
The control diet for patients with chronic renal failure is a kind of basic treatment, can reduce urinary toxins produced by the body, but also maintain the lowest nutrient requirement and electrolyte balance, but this plan is a challenge to the patients themselves and the family to work hard to overcome, because often need to give up some satisfying their appetites food.
Principles of dietary control in renal failure:
1, adequate protein intake;
2, adequate intake of heat;
3, pay attention to the control of water and salt (sodium intake);
4, avoid foods containing high potassium and phosphorus.
The above is the introduction of kidney disease experts on how to pay attention to the introduction of kidney disease, attention should be paid to understanding the treatment. Patients should pay attention to rest in life, pay attention to their own habits. Attention should be paid to early rehabilitation!

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