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Renal failure treatment can help patients recover

2017-01-25 15:25

Only choose the reasonable treatment of renal failure, will have a significant effect. So experts here to remind the majority of patients with renal failure, must be based on their own conditions, careful selection of renal failure treatment, for the best treatment effect of renal failure. The following is an introduction to the treatment of renal failure.
1 active control of high blood pressure can prevent renal dysfunction or improve the impaired renal function, prevent cardiovascular complications, and improve long-term prognosis.
2 to reduce urinary protein and delay the decline of renal function, proteinuria and renal dysfunction is closely related, it should be strictly controlled. ACEI and ARB have the effect of reducing urinary protein, and its dosage is usually higher than the dose required to reduce blood pressure. But should prevent the occurrence of low blood pressure.
The intake of protein and phosphorus 3 limit in food, low protein and low phosphorus diet can reduce glomerular hypertension, high perfusion and high filtration state, retard the development of glomerular sclerosis and renal function according to the situation given the high quality low protein diet, assure the eating quality protein (animal protein). In the low protein diet, should be appropriate to increase the intake of carbohydrates to meet the body's physiological metabolism of heat needed to prevent negative nitrogen balance. Restriction of protein intake can also achieve the role of low phosphorus diet.
4 avoid aggravating factors of kidney damage, infection, hypovolemia, dehydration, exhaustion, water electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders, pregnancy and application of nephrotoxic drugs (such as aminoglycoside antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicine containing aristolochic acid, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, contrast agent, etc.) may damage the kidneys, should be avoided or used with caution.
5 glucocorticoid and cytotoxic drugs due to chronic renal failure is a clinical syndrome, including a variety of diseases, the difference of the etiology, pathological types and clinical manifestations, and kidney function is larger, so whether the application should be based on the etiology and pathological type determination.
6 other: anti platelet aggregation drugs, anticoagulant drugs, statins lipid-lowering drugs, traditional Chinese medicine can also be used.
After years of clinical experience of experts to verify that the above six common renal failure treatment effect is good, adhere to treatment can help patients recover. Experts have repeatedly reminded patients with renal failure in the treatment according to their actual condition and the cause of disease to choose the right way for treatment, to know the effective rehabilitation for patients is the most eager thing.

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