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What do you need to pay attention to early chronic renal failure?

2017-02-09 15:01

Early renal failure is the early stage of renal failure. In the early stage of renal failure and no obvious symptoms, so the detection of early renal failure, usually through routine examination and imaging examination combined with the examination of urine routine examination and check two is very important. Patients with abnormal body, should be timely inspection and treatment, timely treatment for the control of the disease can play a good role in promoting. In addition to timely treatment, the diet is also very important. So, early renal failure patients diet need to pay attention to what?

First, patients should have a low protein diet. Excessive intake of protein is likely to increase the burden on the kidneys, so a reasonable intake of protein. However, the intake of protein should be based on high-quality protein, such as eggs, fish, lean meat and other animal protein, in order to supplement the daily needs of patients with protein. Try to avoid eating vegetable protein, because of its low utilization.
Secondly, the patient should have a low salt diet. Patients with kidney failure are often suffering from high blood pressure, a low salt diet to help prevent elevated blood pressure. For patients with edema, low salt diet is particularly important. Because of the excessive consumption of salt containing food, easy to cause patients with false thirst, increase the amount of drinking water. Moisture retention in the body can not be discharged in time, a long time will lead to edema, pulmonary edema and other symptoms.

Finally, the patient should limit the diet. Patients with early renal failure should be careful not to eat too much, eating time should be standardized, as far as possible to eat fresh and clean food, avoid eating a long storage time and pickled and unclean food.

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