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renal failure patients should choose which dialysis method

2017-03-03 11:02

When renal failure reaches a certain level, renal replacement therapy (RRT) is required. RRT treatment mainly hemodialysis (hemodialysis, HD), peritoneal dialysis (peritoneal dialysis, PD), and renal transplantation (renal transplantation, RT). Which kidney transplantation due to lack of resources, many patients had to first PD or HD treatment.

Both are effective RRT way, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, are as follows:

Peritoneal dialysis


Simple operation technology, can be carried out at home, free time

Need to rely on the hospital hemodialysis center, by the nurse operation

4 times a day, about 30 minutes each time

3 times a week, each 4 to 5 hours

Dehydration is slow and sustained

Dehydration quickly, sometimes low blood pressure response

Solute removal slows down

Efficient removal of toxins

Peritoneal catheter complications: leakage, infection, discount, poor drainage, drainage pain

Vascular access complications: bleeding, infection, air embolism, thrombosis, arteriovenous shunt increased heart failure

Most patients, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stable angina, chronic nephritis, etc., two dialysis methods can be selected. If the patient peripheral vascular conditions are poor, can not establish hemodialysis pathway, should choose peritoneal dialysis; and suffering from infectious abdominal disease, abdominal surgery history, can not be at home for peritoneal operation, poor health habits of patients should be selected hemodialysis The

PD and HD are not two opposing treatment, but complement each other, when the PD failure, such as abdominal infection, ultrafiltration failure, the patient should be timely to HD; when HD failure, such as internal fistula block, no can The use of vascular access, should be promptly converted to PD. In short, patients should be selected according to the patient's condition changes in dialysis.

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