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2017-03-03 11:05


March 13, 2008, we ushered in the third "World Kidney Day".

In 2006, the International Society of Nephrology and the International Kidney Fund Federation jointly proposed that the second Thursday of March each year as "World Kidney Day". At present, nearly 500 million people around the world suffer from varying degrees of kidney disease, each year more than one million people died of chronic kidney disease associated with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Chronic kidney disease has become a follow-up cerebrovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and another threat to human health, an important disease, a global public health problems. China's awareness of chronic kidney disease is very low, should call the whole society to raise awareness of chronic kidney disease.

This year's "World Kidney Day" slogan is: "Your kidneys are healthy?", The publicity theme is: "amazing kidneys", the publicity sign is: "Your kidneys clean 200 liters of blood every day."

Today, Renaissance Hospital, Department of Nephrology held a chronic kidney disease knowledge lectures and counseling activities. Participants were kidney patients, dialysis patients, endocrine patients and their families dozens of people, less than the beginning time, the meeting room has been crowded with people. Foreign colleagues and young doctors and nurses also came to the scene. Professor Liu Huilan, a well-known expert on kidney disease, presided over the event, chief physician Li Guogang, Duan Xiaofeng, deputy chief physician Wang Ying, respectively, "chronic kidney patients diet and nutritional status", "hemodialysis patients dry weight evaluation methods, significance and precautions" and "Early diagnosis and prevention of diabetic nephropathy". They explain their own clinical experience in simple terms, by the patient's welcome and praise. Since then, on-site consultation and dissemination of promotional materials. The whole process of warm atmosphere, susceptible to harmonious relationship, the participating patients and their families hope that after a lot of similar activities in order to get better treatment.


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