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How to treat the causes and symptoms of chronic nephritis

2017-03-03 11:16

1 hypertension is one of the symptoms of chronic nephritis, chronic nephritis is sooner or later symptoms, but for young people, there is few people to have a blood pressure, even dizziness fatigue phenomenon is not associated with this disease, and some chronic
High blood pressure is a late manifestation of the disease, that is, to a certain degree of loss of renal function.

2, proteinuria or hematuria two characteristics, it is difficult to find, generally through the routine examination of the urine can be found, but early proteinuria or hematuria and proteinuria in early performance, there will be foam urine and not .Easy to disperse the phenomenon, and will generally appear red urine hematuria is tea or wash the meat color, only carefully, will find a lot of chronic nephritis, is a cold development, Shandong Weifang kidney disease hospital experts remind you not to ignore the treatment of colds
To avoid the urinary protein, blood in urine.

3 edema is one of the most obvious characteristics of chronic nephritis, might also be the first symptoms, but normal people drink in the lack of sleep or too many cases may also appear in the morning eyelid edema, generally after the event will disappear, at the same time, Shandong
Weifang kidney disease hospital experts said women's physiological response, strenuous exercise, cold inflammation, edema, etc., which are easily confused with chronic nephritis and other kidney diseases, easily overlooked.

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